Devhd, ServiceNow partner: Artificial intelligence will profoundly change the way companies work

Devhd team 1
Devhd team 1
Press article published in June 2023, now featured on our blog

Romanian company Devhd, specialized in providing consultancy and digital transformation services through the American platform ServiceNow, is counting on the unprecedented automation of operations in companies, in the middle of the growing adoption of artificial intelligence at the business level. 

Participating in the annual ServiceNow conference – “Knowledge23” which recently took place in Las Vegas, in the United States, Devhd proudly salutes the groundbreaking partnership between ServiceNow and NVIDIA. This partnership aims to develop powerful generative AI capabilities for enterprises, with the goal of transforming business processes with faster, more intelligent workflow automation. Using NVIDIA software, services, and accelerated infrastructure, ServiceNow is developing custom large language models trained on data specifically for its ServiceNow Platform, the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation.  

This will expand ServiceNow’s already extensive AI functionality with new uses for generative AI across the enterprise — including for IT departments, customer service teams, employees, and developers — to strengthen workflow automation and rapidly increase productivity.  

“Partnering with NVIDIA represents a tremendous opportunity for the IT industry. The integration of Generative AI into the ServiceNow platform has the potential to revolutionize the operations of large and very large companies and open new horizons for improving productivity and efficiency. We are proud to be part of this innovative alliance, as a Premier ServiceNow Partner and to offer cutting-edge solutions for our customers on the ServiceNow platform,” says Adrian Herdan, Devhd CEO. 

How will generative AI impact the life of a company?  

Reshaping digital businesses 

The alliance is exploring a number of generative AI use cases to simplify and improve productivity across the enterprise by providing high accuracy and higher value in IT.  

This includes developing intelligent virtual assistants and agents to help quickly resolve a broad range of user questions and support requests with purpose-built AI chatbots that use large language models and focus on defined IT tasks.  

To simplify the user experience, enterprises can customize chatbots with proprietary data to create a central generative AI resource that stays on topic while resolving many different requests. 

These generative AI use cases are also applicable to customer service agents, allowing for case prioritization with greater accuracy, saving time and improving outcomes. Customer service teams can use generative AI for automatic issue resolution, knowledge-base article generation based on customer case summaries, and chat summarization for faster hand-off, resolution, and wrap-up. 

Employees can learn faster and easier  

In addition, generative AI can improve the employee experience by helping to identify growth opportunities. For example, delivering customized learning and development recommendations, like courses and mentors, based on natural language queries and information from an employee’s profile.  

More customers, lower costs 

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, companies that incorporate artificial intelligence into sales and marketing processes have seen a 50% increase in the number of leads generated through campaigns, while simultaneously reducing the time spent on calls with customers by 60%-70% and reduced overhead costs associated with these activities by 40-60%. 

The success of AI is evident in companies around the world, but a number of challenges should not be neglected: 

  • AI implementation needs more specialists. 59% of companies believe that there is a severe deficit in this area, according to a study. 
  • A massive professional retraining process (re-skilling/up-skilling) will be necessary. According to the World Economic Forum, the impact of AI in the coming years will be significant: 85 million jobs will be replaced, but another 97 million jobs will emerge as a result of AI’s influence. 

Following the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation, the Great Re-skill/Up-Skill will follow. This boom in the use of AI, particularly within the IT industry, will generate numerous jobs that can be categorized as “new software for a new age”, almost similar to the birth of mobile telephony or cloud computing. We should be prepared for this phenomenon”, explains Adrian Herdan. 

About Devhd 

Devhd, founded in 2016, is a pure-play ServiceNow professional services company, specializing in delivering custom, practical, and sustainable digital workflow solutions. Our key focus is on enterprise application development and integration, and we are proud to be the first Romanian company committed to delivering enterprise digital transformation through the ServiceNow platform.    

Devhd is a Premier ServiceNow Partner, we have successfully completed more than 120 ServiceNow projects and developed 40+ applications, all delivered on time and within budget. With offices in Romania and Germany and a team of over 20 employees, we are well-equipped to deliver first-class ServiceNow solutions. Our commitment to great results has earned us a 4.67/5 CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) from both local and international enterprises.  

As a ServiceNow Partner on all three modules – Resale, Consulting & Implementation, and Build – at Devhd, we cover the entire cycle of adopting the ServiceNow platform and its powerful capabilities. This means we offer end-to-end professional services including licensing, consulting, and implementation services, and building custom apps that are published on the ServiceNow store. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us at 

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