HR Service Delivery

Provide an efficient human resource management system with consumer-grade experiences that connects employees with the organization while improving brand loyalty. When managing large workforces, a coherent and unified platform can make the difference to improve productivity and deliver a seamless employee lifecycle experience.

ServiceNow offers a centralized HR workspace solution to deliver efficient resolutions for employee inquiries, while using automated workflows to provide fast and easy access to information.

End-to-end employee lifecycle management

ServiceNow’s HRSD is a complete solution for employee onboarding, offboarding, and lifecycle management, wherever staff may be working across your organization.

HR Knowledge management

Facilitate access to HR knowledge and help employees find the information they need quickly and easily, saving time for support agents. Prioritise and manage employee inquiries through a central workspace, while ensuring privacy with better security for records.


Improve efficiency and productivity with HR systems integration and automation
Increase visibility and transparency into HR processes, procedures, and access for various roles
Empower employees to take ownership of their own requests
Use data and analytics from centralised dashboards and reports

How do we do it?

We learn and understand your HR operations, find areas for improvement, and propose the best ServiceNow approach to deliver on your ROI goals.

Once your team agrees with the proposed implementation plan, our experts will define technical requitements to implement the ServiceNow solutions while integrating with applications your business is already using.

We launch your new HRSD solution and assists you with maintenance, support, and performance monitoring if needed.

Our team's vast experience with ServiceNow can help maximize your service capabilities and enhance the quality and speed of your IT service delivery.