IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the process involving the end-to-end administration of enterprise assets such as hardware and software. Maximize the value of your technology assets, spanning software, hardware, and cloud resources.

Enhance visibility and efficiency


Enhance visibility and efficiency with automated workflows throughout the entire asset lifecycle with IT Asset Management (ITAM), the comprehensive administration of enterprise assets, encompassing both hardware and software throughout their lifecycle. Enterprises, with their extensive inventories, stand to gain significantly from more efficient management, enhancing decision-making and lifecycle management within the IT environment.

ServiceNow provides a contemporary solution to design and implement a holistic approach across key ITAM lifecycle stages: procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement. This ensures proper asset administration, leading to resource savings, cost efficiencies, and long-term risk minimization


Main types of IT Assets

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Optimize enterprise asset management for comprehensive visibility on a large scale. Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights to efficiently manage both Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OpEx), spanning from strategic planning to disposal.

Enterprise Asset Management encompasses essential applications designed to automate the entire lifecycle of physical business assets: streamline processes from acquisition to disposal, ensuring efficiency and maximizing the value of organizational assets.

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IT Asset Management capabilities

Tracking available assets

Taking stock of available IT assets helps to mitigate risks and maximize investments through ServiceNow’s Service Mapping and Discovery tools. Enterprises can identify and define each item, determine its cost, accountability for managing care or warranties, and monitor lifecycle stages.

Financial Asset Management

Financial Asset Management tracks item purchase prices, depreciation over time, maintenance costs, and other financial variables that might be defined by the enterprise. Implementing ServiceNow cost models in sync with the rest of the ServiceNow environment helps to provide full visibility into IT costs and ROI to support IT departments better position their technology as business services to decision-makers.

Software Asset Management

Organizations can make use of ServiceNow’s easy-to-use platform to administer licenses, access and permissions, updates, software security, deployment instances, and other features from software producers. Software Asset Management (SAM) gives admins back control over an enterprise’s software lifecycles and costs, which in turn helps to provide an improved experience for software users across different departments.

End-to-end IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Having an end-to-end ITAM lifecycle management approach can be a definite factor to ensure a competitive edge, deliver on ROI objectives, and keep up with constant changes in the business landscape. A strategic approach allows to implement a well-defined plan that includes the main phases in the IT asset lifecycle: pre-purchase planning, receiving assets, testing equipment, deployment, maintenance, and retirement.