Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management is a strategic portfolio planning and execution tool that allows you to work where it matters most, redirect spend to critical apps, and accelerate time to value.

Strategic Portfolio Management groups key applications into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs change, allowing to make educated decisions and become more agile when managing change and challenges.

Strategic Portfolio Management with ServiceNow allows IT to strategically analyze, plan, and develop your company's investments in resources or technology to deliver best ROI on goals and objectives.

With Strategic Portfolio Management, IT and business teams can work together to evaluate and manage technology requests, and financially manage resources.

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Benefits of ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Improved oversight into projects
  • Work and investment plans sync allowing to manage projects as they change
  • Less bottlenecks, improved performance analysis
  • One centralized place for all operational work
  • Risk evaluation and RIDAC record incorporation in planned tasks
  • Accurate resource allocation and reduction of APM costs
  • More efficient software development life cycle and shorter time to market
  • Comprehensive test management

Project Portfolio Management

ServiceNow® Project Portfolio Management gives you full visibility from idea to execution: project planning and prioritization is simple, and you can track planned and unplanned work in one place.

Align strategies, teams and investments across different departments, including roadmap planning, project workspace, innovation, management, investment funding, scenario planning, demand and resource management, as well as analytics and dashboards.


  • Improve service delivery and productivity with traditional, agile, and hybrid tasks
  • Manage more accurately demand and capacity
  • Scale in line with business needs

Application Portfolio Management

ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management (APM) uses the CMDB, discovery processes, and cost modelling to deliver a complete picture of your application portfolio.

APM lets you see how your apps relate to your business processes and their supporting technologies, rationalize apps easily, and lower costs.


  • Take data-driven decisions to reduce IT costs when deciding whether to keep, upgrade or change applications
  • Eliminate risks by managing redundant applications
  • Use capability planning features to map technology investments to business value

Agile Development

Agile Development manages Scrum or waterfall development and the backlog of tasks throughout the software development lifecycle, from inception to testing and deployment.

Gain increased visibility into the entire software development lifecycle by orchestrating agile portfolios and tracking releases and scrum program features in one unified view; understand capacity in sprints, dependencies, or overload.


  • Use a consolidated view with one record system to manage workstreams
  • Empower developers to achieve more by optimizing agile planning to DevOps
  • Use custom dashboards and visualizations for sprints, releases, and teams

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