Tech, Media & Telecom

Deliver frictionless, modern customer experiences, increase loyalty, and drive down operational costs with proactive ServiceNow solutions for telecom, media, and technology.


Technology Software

XaaS companies must address various challenges to thrive in the highly dynamic technology markets:

  • White labeling, M&As & IPOs are increasing complexity for IT, Cloud Operations, and Product Business Units
  • Demand to operate and support hybrid environments with a broad ecosystem of developers and technology partners
  • Demand to maximize value and improve retention by offering flexible usage-based consumption services
  • Need to accelerate customer onboarding and successful ramping to meet time to revenue targets
  • Need to drive revenue growth through adoption and outcome-based services

ServiceNow Solutions for the Technology Industry

ServiceNow provides an end-to-end approach to help XaaS companies tackle ongoing challenges, which include:

  • Connected Ecosystem Workflows: simplify business operation by digitizing support and delivery workflows across the value chain
  • Streamlined Order Management: accelerate time to revenue with digitized onboarding and provisioning journeys
  • Proactive Customer Care: reduce the cost to serve and improve customer satisfaction by solving issues quickly and effectively

Media & Entertainment

Today’s challenges for the Media and Entertainment sector include:

  • Attracting and empowering a world-class media production workforce
  • Optimizing and automating digital media supply chain operations
  • Accelerating time to market for new content & business models

ServiceNow solutions for Media & Entertainment

ServiceNow enables Media and Entertainment companies to transform their end-to-end operations. With ServiceNow, companies can transform their content supply chain, through a single platform that bridges planning, production, post-production and distribution and connects it with monetization and customer services.

  • Automate issue resolution workflow with intelligent, self-aware networks
  • Proactively alert customers and self-service channels of issues and updates
  • Reduce notification and response time for internal and external partner issues
  • Ensure resilience of your critical broadcast and streaming operations


Telecom providers invest a fortune in new network technologies (5G, SDN, Fiber, etc.) but struggle with siloed legacy systems that prevent them from meeting customer expectations for a frictionless experience.

ServiceNow enables telecom providers to transform their customer and employee experience and better manage their network and IT technology investments to drive business growth while reducing operational costs.

Telecommunications industry drivers:

  • New business and operating models (e.g., 5G, MEC, IoT, Content Streaming, Cloud)
  • Improved productivity with process automation & simplification
  • Lower cost to serve increased customer retention
  • Minimize SLA penalties
  • Optimized Digital Support Tools
  • Need to expand to a more strategic portfolio relationship with customers
  • Complex, heterogenous and high-cost environment
  • Need path to standardize, automate, and shift employees to higher value tasks

ServiceNow solution benefits for Telecom companies:

  • Streamlined Order Management
  • Proactive Customer Care
  • Reduced the cost to serve while growing customer loyalty
  • Automated service assurance
  • Improved Quality of Service and reduced operational costs
  • Modern telecom network inventory management
  • Telecom service management
  • Service operations management for Telecom
  • Service-aware CMDB

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