star Program

The world works with ServiceNow!

ServiceNow is the fastest-growing enterprise cloud software company in the world above $1billion. Founded in 2004 with the goal of making work easier for people, ServiceNow helps companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. The cloud-based platform of platforms connects people, functions, and systems across the organization ensuring a great experience. It unlocks productivity for thousands of enterprise customers worldwide, including approximately 80% of the Fortune 500.



We make your work flow!

Devhd is a ServiceNow Premier Partner, a professional services company, specialized in delivering practical and sustainable digital workflow solutions, with a key focus on enterprise application development and integration. We are the only ServiceNow Technology Partner in Romania, this enables us to build, test, certify, and distribute apps and integrations on the Now Platform. With over 10 years of experience and 40 certifications amongst 20 consultants, our team has successfully delivered over 100 projects and became a trusted partner for our clients. Now it is time for us to share our knowledge and empower future generations of professionals.

Devhd star is a unique program that can kick-start your career!

You’ll spend 12 weeks learning the foundations and capabilities of the ServiceNow Platform. The program is designed to include all the knowledge and practical skills you need to work in this industry. Courses include ServiceNow fundamentals, administration and scripting, basics of application development, ITSM implementation, as well as industry best practices. In addition to the technical courses you will also gain communication, teamwork, problem solving and presentation skills through our tailored soft skills trainings. Mentorship is provided by experienced professionals, and you will have the chance to apply everything you learn in real-life scenarios.

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